The 2-Minute Leader

Indispensable Practices With Undeniable Effectiveness

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“This powerful book taps into two boundless forces that birth great leaders: wisdom and courage. Brian will share with you the wisdom you need to be an effective leader and stir you to have the courage to put that wisdom into practice.”

— Derwin L. Gray
Lead Pastor
Transformation Church
Charlotte, NC

“I have the privilege of seeing Brian Dodd live out the principles of this book day in and day out. When I started reading I kept on going to the very last page—it was that positive and helpful to me. I am impressed with this book but I’m more impressed with the fact that I know Brian truly LIVES everything in The 2-Minute Leader every day. I’m planning to buy copies for a lot of other leaders. I know that they will be enriched just as I have been.”

— Casey Graham
The Rocket Company

“It takes an intuitive leader to recognize the essence of leadership, boil it down, remove the dross, and hand you pieces of pure gold! Brian Dodd is that type of leader, and The 2-Minute Leader is a treasure trove of practical advice. Activate the key applications and you will turn aspirations into achievement. As a leader, you will benefit from this book on a personal level, and the people you lead will benefit as you guide them through these wisdom-filled pages. I promise: These 10 Indispensable Practices will prove to be game changers for every leader who implements them.”

— Dwight “Ike” Reighard
MUST Ministries
Senior Pastor
Piedmont Church
Marietta, GA

“I have known Brian Dodd for 15 years. During that time we have had countless meals, phone calls and meetings together talking about life and ministry. One thing is true about each encounter ...I ALWAYS leave challenged and better! Reading 10 Indispensable Practices of The 2-Minute Leader is going be for you like one of my times with Brian. So, pull up a chair, take out a pen, buckle up and enjoy! You will be better at the end than when you started.”

— Mike Linch
Senior Pastor
NorthStar Church
Kennesaw, GA
(Frequent speaker at major events and to NFL teams)

What are the keys to effective leadership?

Effective leadership is driven by key habits—indispensable practices that can be rapidly activated and applied. With compelling simplicity this unique book examines 10 of those practices—each centered on a key word, a key statement and a key application. As the author explains, two minutes is ample time to begin implementing any one of them. You will experience them in depth over the course of the book; and as you put them to work, your life and leadership are certain to be enriched.

About the Author

Brian Dodd is editor and principal writer for the eponymous blog, Brian Dodd on Leadership—a go-to site for thousands of daily readers. Brian’s blog was the natural outgrowth of his current role as a ministry specialist for The Rocket Company and, prior to that, a decade with the John C. Maxwell organization. His broad-based knowledge in three areas—ministry funding, preaching enrichment and volunteer development—have won for Brian a trusted and appreciative following. He and his wife, Sonya, make their home near Atlanta with their daughter, Anna.

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